Is your resort, caravan or camp site listed on this comprehensive Southern African camping directory? Free listing with detail information and contact details.
If you own or manage a resort, caravan or camp site, you can submit a free listing to our database by completing one of our questionnaires.

You can submit your free listing by one of the flowing methods:

  • Download the questionnaire below in MS Word format, complete it in Word and e-mail it back to us as an attachment.
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We list all campsites where you can go with your caravan or where you can pitch you tent. We categorise the campsites in the following way:

  • Resort: Normally the large type of carvan or camp site that offer its own entertainment and facilities for example Swimming pools, Play parks, Spa, etc.
  • Campsite: Standard carvans or campsite with the necessary facilities for example a campsite in a nature reserve.
  • Municipal Campsite: Caravan or camp site run by the local authority and can be a resort or a standard campsite.
  • Bush Camp: Basic facilities normally with cold showers, long drop toilet and are normally situated far from civilisation.
  • Pioneers Camp:: No facilities. Just a designated spot to pitch your tent. You will normally find a pioneers camp on a 4×4 trail.
  • Backpackers Campsite: Camping facilities offered by backpacker lodges.
  • Youth Campsite: Campsite for large groups of people or youths that are used for educational outings, etc.


We also include campsites on 4×4 trails.

We are collecting and processing data from all provinces in South Africa as well as the following neighbouring countries: Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Swaziland, Lesotho, Zambia, Angola & Malawi

Already Listed? Those campground owners and operators that are already listed must please check their information and notify us of any corrections. It will also be your responsibility to keep your page updated by sending us any new and relevant information.

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