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Grunau Country House

Campsite in the outskirts of town (semi farm area)
Closest Town: Grünau 0 km
Sites Available: 4

Grunau Motors Chalets & Caravan Park

Campsite in a town
Closest Town: Grunau 2 km
Sites Available: 4

Hakos Gastefarm

Campsite on a farm
Closest Town: Windhoek 135 km
Sites Available: 4

Hakusembe Lodge

Closest Town: Rundu
Sites Available: 20

Halali (Etosha)

Closest Town: Etosha

Hamakari Camping

Campsite on a game farm
Closest Town: Okakarara 15 km
Sites Available: 4

Hammerstein Lodge & Camp

Closest Town: Maltahöhe

Hardap Dam

Closest Town: Mariental

Hauchabfontein Camping

Campsite on a farm alongside the Tsauchab river
Closest Town: Sesriem 55 km
Sites Available: 7

Helmeringshausen Hotel & Guestfarm

Campsite on a farm
Closest Town: Bethanie 80 km
Sites Available: 5

Hippo Lodge

Closest Town: Katima Mulilo

Hippo Pools

Closest Town: Ruacana

Hoada Campsite

Campsite on a farm
Closest Town: Kamanjab 75 km
Sites Available: 3


Closest Town: Grunau

Hobatere Lodge

Closest Town: Kamanjab

Hochland Nest Campsites

Campsite close to the Friedenau Dam
Closest Town: Windhoek 50 km
Sites Available: 8 Private campsites & 5 Public campsites

Hohenhorst Guestfarm

Closest Town: Windhoek

Hohewarte Guestfarm

Closest Town: Windhoek

Hotel Staebe

Closest Town: Omaruru

Hudup Camping Site

Campsite on a farm
Closest Town: Maltahöhe 13 km
Sites Available: 6

iGowati Country Hotel & Campsite

Campsite in a town
Closest Town: Khorixas 0km
Sites Available: 10

Isabis 4x4 (Klipdam Camp)

Bush camp that forms part of a 4x4 trail
Closest Town: Windhoek 127 km
Sites Available: 1

Island View Lodge

Campsite on riverbank
Closest Town: Katima Mulilo 30 km
Sites Available: 24